The Brief 

Virgin Start Up is a company that offers advice, help and start up loans for entrepreneurs around the country. They hold many events across UK, some of which are situated in Bournemouth. Virgin approached us, asking if we could create a number of promotional videos, and photos for the start up events in the Bournemouth area. Which would both highlight the best moments of the event, as well as introduce future events.


For more information on the support and advice ‘Virgin Start Up’ provides please visit their website:

For more information on ‘Start Up U’ visit their website:

The Production


We decided that all our videos should follow a distinct and uniform style, that would highlight the key elements of each talk, as well as the atmosphere of the event. We managed to capture this through a range of unique shots, cut aways and close ups. Using this footage, we were able to create a personal and inviting video, that showed off the event in all its glory. By highlighting the people of the event through, artistic and close up shots we were able to great an engaging and up lifting video for the event.