Dorset’s largest taxi firm contacted us to help them create a new video to be used online, for their website & social media. Their brief, to create a video that would highlight the companies biggest USP’s, as well as their new mobile app! To show customers that they are just as good, if not better, than the competition.

We won’t mention names *cough* UBER *cough* 


For more information on United Taxis or to download their app please visit their website:



As a team we decided the best way to show the app in action, was to create a visual story of two customers using it to get to their desired destinations. Allowing us to show a step by step guide of the app. Creating this narrative, also allowed us to showcase other USP’s of the company, whilst keeping the main focus on their newly developed app.

Due to the focus being on the mobile app, we decided to target a younger audience with this advert. We believed this would help generate future sales through the app, as the younger generation tend to prefer using app’s rather than direct communication. We did this by casting two younger actors and creating a story the younger audience could relate to.