Our team were lucky enough to be invited to Hong Kong to create a promotional video for the world famous ‘Rebecca Chung’. Our client came to us to create a highlight reel of the two day ‘PMU’ event, that would appeal to future clients as well as show off the variety of talkers and demonstrations at the event. The client wanted a video that was detailed, whilst still carrying an energy through the piece.

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We decided the best way to start this video was to highlight the unique and vibrant location of Hong-Kong. We did this using a variety of drone shots, above the city, helping to establish the location of the conference, whilst engaging potential viewers. We continued this energy throughout the rest of our video by deviating from the use of static shots. Using movement in our shots allowed us to create a constant flow throughout the piece, which continues to capture the audiences attention.

We also decided the use of close up / slo-motion shots was a strong way of showing some more detail of the conference, allowing the viewers to gain a stronger understanding of each individual procedure. These slo-motion shots also emphasise the intricate strokes and procedures performed at the conference, supplying the video with even more visually pleasing content.