The Ministry of Sound - Ibiza Orchestra, approached us in regards to a promotional video for the summer run of events across the UK and the world. They wanted a short promotional video that would highlight the feel good vibes of the festival, as well as highlighting the extremely talented orchestra. The organisers also wanted us to emphasise the family friendly orientation of the festival, as they believed this was a huge selling point of the event, and would help them bolster their sales, across their summer tour.




As a team we were very excited about this event, had many great ideas on how we could capture all the points in our brief.
Our first aim was to find a variety of ways to show the talent of the orchestra. Using a variety of slo-motion and moving shots we were able to emphasise the feel good vibes of the orchestra, as well as their musical talent. We also decided that we would use a number of the orchestras recorded tracks in the edit, to again showcase their talent.

To highlight the family friendly orientation of the event, we encouraged people at the event to interact with the camera. By doing so we were able to capture a variety of emotions and scenarios, highlighting the relaxed, family friend atmosphere.