24/7 Home Rescue


Home Response Care approached us to design a website that would allow customers to view and purchase their service plans, online and offline. Our clients also wanted a customer login for every paying customer, so these customers could view and manage their selected plans. Being a professional service, our clients asked for a modern site that would encourage customers to purchase their plans, and feel safe buying from them.




One of our main priorities was to ensure we created a website that was easy to use and had a distinct modern design. We believed this approach would encourage potential customers to search further into the site, as well as increase sales through the website. As our client asked for a modern design, we thought very hard on the colour scheme and fonts used throughout the site. We decided to use a bright orange throughout the site as we believed this was an engaging colour, drawing customers to important information, and used this to highlight ‘call to actions’ within the site. We also chose a bold, clean font, making it easier for customers to read the intended information and continue our modern design. Incorporating professional imagery, and interactive elements to the site, we were able to finish a site that pushes engagement from customers and generates new leads. 







Simple Design

As our client was looking for a modern finish to their website, we decided to further research current website an UI designs. From this research we noticed many companies opted for a simplistic, minimalist design, to make the user experience as enjoyable and easy as possible. We implicated this into the site through many aspects including; a single page site, the hamburger menu icon and grid like navigation to name a few. Using these methods, we were able to complete a fully functioning, modern site thats key is to drive sales and encourage engagement.