Home Response Care


Home Response Care approached us to design a website that would allow customers to view and purchase their service plans, online and offline. Our clients also wanted a customer login for every paying customer, so these customers could view and manage their selected plans. Being a professional service, our clients asked for a modern site that would encourage customers to purchase their plans, and feel safe buying from them.





Professional Design

Home Response Care are a newly established appliance service provider for the UK, so one of our main priorities was to ensure we created a website that was easy to use and good to look at, with a professional design. Encouraging engagement with new and current customers.

The colour scheme seen throughout the website was something we felt was very important to the brand and we worked closely with Home Response Care to ensure they were happy with the final colour scheme. We agreed this shade of green was a nice offset to the white background of the website, and allowed certain information to be displayed in a more attractive format. Incorporating professional imagery, and interactive elements to the site, we were able to finish a site that pushes engagement from customers and generates new leads.



Safe & Secure

To ensure our clients customers would feel safe using the website, we implicated many features to ensure their private information and data was kept safe at all times. Like all of our sites, this site was secured with an SSL certificate, ensuring all information being shared on the site is encrypted from attackers. Customers are made aware of this as a small padlock appears next to the domain name in their web browser.

As our client also wanted customers to purchase online, we had to ensure we created an easy to use and safe payment method. All of our e-commerce sites come with a secure checkout as standard, giving customer peace of mind when checking out online. Our state of the art payment system, is also very easy and intuitive for customers to use, and is packaged in a sleek modern style, to further encourage a purchase through the site.